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Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance


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For: PS2

Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance
Playstation 2

I went to blockbuster the other day and was looking for a good game to rent. I finnialy found Baulders Gate and I decided to get it. I went home started the game and wow. I was amazed, maybe it was the state of the art graphics or the sound of overgrown rats dying. The difficulty was not as hard as I expected but okay This game is a must for all rpg fans.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Difficulty: 5
Overall: 7


Codes and Cheats

Be Able To Use Drizzt Do'Undren
In A New Game Beat extreme difficulty.

Cheat Menu
Hold R2, L1, Triangle and left on D-Pad simulteanously and then press start to open a cheat menu.

Cheat Menu
2 Hold down R2, L1, Left on D-pad, R3, and then hit start. It will give you another cheat menu.

Infinite Experience (without using Cheat Menu)Similar to the Cheat ''Infinite Gold or Duplicate Items''
Get to a save point right before a boss that gives A LOT of experience. Example: Beholder, Drow Elf Sorceress, Dragon, Onyx Golem. Save the game.Defeat the boss, then go back and save the game under a new file. Load the original file (before you fought the boss). Import the character from the new file (after you fought the boss). Go fight the boss again for more experience.Repeat till you reach whatever level you wish. The massive experience you get should make it easy.

Infinite Gold or Duplicate Items
Have 2 players going at the same time. Being in town is a must. Then have one character drop all their stuff. Import the character that just dropped their stuff and they will have all the things that they just dropped but, its also on the ground. Pick up the stuff sell the duplicates and save. You now have more money. Buy expensive items with your extra gold and repeat this cheat again. The more times you dup the more gold you get each time.

Level 20 Character and 75000 gold
When in play mode, press L1, R2, Triangle, Left D-Pad, R3 and start simultaneously to instantly make your character 20th level, with 75000 gold, 1000 Health and 1000 Mana, and a minimum of 1 in every feat, including OTHER character specific feats.However, downside is that your character does NOT gain any further experience points while playing, and is stuck at 20th level, with low level feats. The normal character max is 40th level.

Lvl 40 with all feats
Create a new character. Immediately use the cheat menu to make them invincible and skip to the Hall of Remembrance in the Onyx Tower. Walk back down into the Black Forge and fight the Onyx Golem. It will take a while, but defeating the Onyx Golem will give you enough experience points to level up all the way to level 40. This will only work with the 3 main characters, not with Drizzt.

Return from the dead in 2 player
Ever pick up a really cool weapon or piece of armor in a two player game, only to have one of you die before you could save it? Well, fear not, for there is a way to come back after dying without reloading the game. Simply have the one who still lives return to the last save point that was used, then the dead person must hit the ''use'' button (square by default) repeatedly and he shall return with all items and half health. It's better than losing that Shocking Burst Adamantium Great Sword +5 you just picked up!
To make Drizzt your playable Character in Any Mode, at Any Time.
Load a new game and choose one of the 3 available characters, while this is loading hold R1, R2 and L1, L2 at the same time until loading is completed. The game will pick up Drizzt as your character.

Unlock Gauntlet Mode and Extreme Difficulty
Beat the game on any difficulty level to unlock the Gauntlet Mode. After defeating Gauntlet Mode you will open up the extreme difficulty level.

Unlock Invincibility and Level Warp
Hold L1, R2, Triangle, Left on the keypad and press Start. This will unlock invincibility and warp options.