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Super Smash Bros. Melee


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For: Gamecube

Super Smash Bros. Melee

This game is one of the best fighting games I've ever played. The graphics were amazing, I couldn't even see one polygon. The sound was average you don't really notice it. The difficuty is like every fighter game, but the olny difficult part was getting the secret characters. Overall If you want to see your favotite Nintendo characters duke it out get this game.

Graphics: 9
Difficulty: 6
Overall: 7


Codes and Cheats

Alternate Japanese systems
To see several Japanese versions of the Nintendo systems in the trophy room, as well as a bonus Virtual Boy, switch the language on the game to Japanese.

Alternate Multiplayer Music
After unlocking the Sound Test (portions of this trick can be done before unlocking the Sound Test, however), you can change the music that plays on some of the stages. When selecting them, hold L or R until the stage loads. Each human player competing in the match must also hold L or R. The stage's music will change. This trick works on the following stages:

- Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain (Retro theme from Balloon Fight for NES)
- Termina: Great Bay (The theme of Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64)
- Hyrule: Temple (A remix of various themes from Fire Emblem titles)
- Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island (Stage 1-1 and world 1 map remix from Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES)
- Kanto: Pokémon Stadium (The Trainer Battle theme from Pokémon Gold & Silver for GBC)
- F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue (A theme from Mach Rider for NES)
- Eagle Land: Onett (The theme of EarthBound)
- Mushroom Kingdom OR Mushroom Kingdom II (The Fever theme from Dr. Mario)
- Special Stages: Battlefield (The theme used in Multi-Man Melee fights)
- Special Stages: Final Destination (The theme used in Event 51, The Showdown)

Sometimes, the music will change automatically (12% chance).

Alternate Multiplayer Music
Hold L or R when selecting a stage in VS mode and don't release it until the stage loads. The stage should play different music. Only a few of the stages have alternate music and you can't do this technique until you acquire the Sound Test. The stages this works on are:

- Icicle Mountain
- Great Bay
- Temple
- Yoshi's Island
- Onett
- Pokémon Stadium
- Kingdom
- Big Blue
- Battlefield

Always Get Desired Pokemon
Go to training mode and continuously select 'pokeball' from the menu. Whilst throwing them, look out for your favourite pokemon to appear, and STOP on that one. After it has done its move, go to 1-p adventure or classic mode, and the first pokeball you open will be the one preveously found on training. After this, the rest of the pokeballs you open are random. A good trick to use in this way is to do it with mew, because you get bonus points for seeing her.

Character Unlock: Dr. Mario
To unlock Dr. Mario, you must complete 1-P Classic Mode using Mario at any difficulty/stock and without continuing.

Character Unlock: Falco
To unlock Falco, you must complete the 100-Man Melee mode. Defeat Falco after you complete that, and you can play as him.

Character Unlock: Ganondorf
To unlock the evil Ganondorf, complete Event 29. You will then be challenged by Ganondorf; defeat him and you can play as him from then on.

Character Unlock: Jigglypuff
To unlock Jigglypuff, simply complete the game in 1-P Mode at any difficulty/stock (Adventure or Classic).

Character Unlock: Luigi
To unlock Luigi, in Adventure Mode, complete the stage with a 2 in the seconds meter (03:12:43 for example). You'll then view a scene where Luigi comes and kicks Mario away so he can fight you with Peach. Defeat them both, then go on and complete Adventure Mode. You'll have to fight Luigi; defeat him.

Character Unlock: Marth
To unlock Marth from the Fire Emblem series, complete Classic mode with all 14 regular characters (not ones you've unlocked). Marth will then challenge you; beat him to gain him as a selectable character.Alternatively, you can simply use every character as a human player in VS. Mode, and get a challenge from Marth that way.

Character Unlock: Mewtwo
To unlock Mewtwo, play in VS. Mode for either 20 hours (Combined VS. Play Time total), or play 700 matches (without quitting) in that mode. After either requirement is met, Mewtwo will challenge you; beat him and you can play as Mewtwo!

Character Unlock: Mr. Game & Watch
To unlock Mr. Game & Watch, you must complete either Classic or Adventure 1-P mode with ALL characters at any difficulty/stock, regular and hidden (that includes Mewtwo). After you do that, you'll be challenged; win this battle and you can play as Mr. Game & Watch!

Character Unlock: Pichu
To unlock Pichu, complete Event 37 (Legendary Pokémon). Pichu will challenge you; win and you'll be able to play as Pichu!

Character Unlock: Roy
To unlock Roy, also from the Fire Emblem series, complete Adventure Mode using Marth at any difficulty/stock. Roy will challenge you; defeat him and you can play as him.

Character Unlock: Young Link
To unlock Young Link, complete Classic mode with 10 different characters at any difficulty/stock (2 of those characters must be Link and Zelda). You'll then be challenged by Young Link; defeat him to be able to play as him in the game!

Choose your Victory Pose
in Melee Mode As soon as the match ends in multiplayer matches, hold X or Y (or A and B for characters with more than two victory poses) and you can select which victory pose your character performs, that is if your character won the match.

Crazy Hand and his Trophy
If you can manage to complete Classic Mode in less than 15 minutes without continuing on Normal or higher, you will battle both the Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the end. To get the Crazy Hand trophy, complete Adventure Mode on Hard or Very Hard difficulty without continuing.

Different Music for Break the Targets
When you're practicing the Target bonus round, hold, L or R while choosing the character, and loading to change the music. If you retry, hold L or R again.

Different Music in Adventure mode When you are on the screen which it shows the stage you are going to, press and hold L R and START at the same time and release once the music starts.

Different Trophy Backrounds
While viewing a trophy in the close up mode, press start to cycle through backrounds. This shows the GC's lighting effect cpabilities.

Face Giga Bowser
in Adventure Mode Play Adventure Mode with any character on Normal difficulty or higher, and get to Bowser without continuing. If you beat Bowser without continuation, his trophy will come back from the dead and transform into Giga Bowser. If you manage to defeat him again without continuing, you will get the Giga Bowser trophy.

Fast-foward through the credits
While looking at the credits or playing that shooting game whatever, press start to fast-foward through the credits. To stop, press start again.

Fox and Falco's Secret Taunts
Fox and Falco each have secret taunts that can only be performed on their respective stages (Corneria or Venom). It can be done only once per match. As either Fox or Falco, press Left and Right on the Control Pad repeatadily making sure not to hit the center of the Control Pad as well as up or down. If done correctly, Fox/Falco will shake for a few moments. Then, the StarFox crew will say some humorous lines and the taunt is over. Its merely for entertainment means. You can list to the StarFox crew's sayings through the Sound Test.

Hidden Pokémon: Mew and Celebi
There are two Pokémon that appear in the Poké Balls but are extremely rare. Neither one attack but you can get special bonuses/trophies from seeing them. To get Mew to appear, you must first unlock all 11 secret characters. To get Celebi to appear, you must unlock every single thing in the game (except for trophies). After these needs are met, Mew and Celebi will both have a 1/251 chance of appearing in your Poké Balls.

Hidden Trophies
Some trophies are hidden and can't be won through the Lottery/Snag Trophy mini-game/etc. Here is the complete list of trophies and how to get them:

Character Trophies (You get three trophies per playable character; one for completing each 1-P Regular Match mode (Classic, Adventure, All-Star))
Male Wire Frame (Complete 100-Man Melee within 240 seconds)
Female Wire Frame (Get 100+ KOs in Endless Melee)
Fighting Wire Frames (Complete 15-Minute Melee)
Giga Bowser (Defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode without continuing)
Master Hand (Complete Classic on Hard or higher without continuing)
Crazy Hand (Complete Adventure on Hard or higher without continuing)
Food (Play 1,000 VS matches)
Maxim Tomato (Play 10 VS matches)
Heart Container (Play 100 VS matches)
Lip's Stick (Perform a 20+ combo in Training)
Motion-Sensor Bomb (Complete Event 3)
Metal Box (Perform a 10+ combo in Training)
Bunny Hood (Perform 125+ combos with all characters combined in Training)
Smash Coins (Play 100 Coin Battle matches)
Mew (Complete All-Star on Hard or higher)
Sudowoodo (Play 200 VS matches)
Unown (Set a combined Home-Run Contest record of 16,404 ft (5,000 meters))
Entei (Complete Event 26)
Celebi (See Celebi in your Poké Ball)
Lon Lon Milk (Combined clear time in Target Test is less than 26 minutes)
Kirby Hat 4 (Play 100 Coin Battle matches)
Kirby Hat 5 (Unlock all 11 secret characters)
Falcon Flyer (Play 150 VS matches)
F-Zero Racers (Complete Adventure mode with all 25 characters)
Mute City (Total distance walked by characters is over 10,000 meters)
Kraid (Play 50 VS matches)
UFO (Play 100 VS matches)
Game & Watch (Complete Event 45)
Target (Clear Target Test with all 25 characters)
Sandbag (Set a record of over 984 ft in Home-Run Contest)
Battlefield (Clear All-Star)
Final Destination (Complete Event 51)
Goomba (Complete Event 14)
Paper Mario (Set a record of 1,476 ft in Home-Run Contest)
Wario (Clear All-Star without continuing)
Marin (Unlock the Sound Test)
Majora's Mask (Complete Event 47)
Landmaster Tank (All characters' KOs total more than 1000)
Wolfen (Clear Adventure in less than 18 minutes)
Meowth (Complete All-Star with all 25 characters)
Tom Nook (Collect over 1,000 Coins (spent coins don't subtract))
Mr. Resetti (KO more than 5 opponents in Cruel Melee)
Captain Olimar (Load SSBM with a Pikmin save on your memory card)
Donkey Kong Junior (Complete Classic with all 25 characters)
Mach Rider (Complete Classic in less than 5 minutes)
Sheriff (Combined Target Test time less than 750 seconds)
Diskun (Get every end-of-level bonus and penalty)

Mode Unlock: Random Stage
Unlock every stage except for Battlefield, Final Destination, Dream Land N64, Yoshi's Island N64, and Kongo Jungle N64. This option appears in Additional Rules under Custom Rules in VS mode and allows you to exclude stages you don't want to go to when you use the Random stage select option.

New Background Music for Gallery Mode
Once you have unlocked the Music Test, choose a song you would like to hear in the Gallery mode by pressing A. Now exit by pressing B, and then go to Gallery mode. Now you can look at trophies while listening to your favourite SSB: Melee song;)

New Background Music For Main Menu
To hear a different background music at the main menu, hold down A when you press start at the screen where it says ''Super Smash Bro. Melee''.

Pikmin trophy
If you start up SSB:M with a Pikmin save on your memory card you will get a free trophy.

Random Character Select
The vacant spots in each bottom corner of the character select screen (left of Pichu and right of Roy) will randomly select a character for you if you place your token there and press ''A.''

Random Character Select (Tournament Melee)
When playing Tournament Melee, press L and R simutaneously at the character select screen and your character box will become the Pokémon, Ditto. This purple blob represents ''Random.'' However, this trick only works in ''Winner Out'' and ''Loser Out'' matches.

Samus's Secret Throw
Samus has a secret throw that can be performed at any time. Its a bit more difficult to perform than Fox and Falco's secret taunts. Press Z repeatadily to extend her grappling hook but not so repeatadily as to shield. While pressing Z, rotate counter clockwise on the Control Pad. If done properly, her grappling hook will extend by three times. It will now remain this way until he is KOd (then you must redo the trick). The longer grappling hook is very useful. It won't grab opponents unless you press A or Z once it touches them. It will also home onto the nearest opponent if you hold L once firing it out. The grappling hook is also longer in the air which proves to be a much more useful recovery move than her Screw Attack (Up + B).

Stage Unlock: Battlefield Stage
To unlock the Battlefield stage, complete the All-Star 1-P mode for the first time.

Stage Unlock: Big Blue Stage
To unlock the Big Blue stage, you must play at least 150 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).

Stage Unlock: Brinstar
Depths Stage To unlock the Brinstar Depths stage, you must play at least 50 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).

Stage Unlock: Dream Land Past Stage
To unlock the Dream Land stage of the past, beat Target Test with all characters, regular and hidden.

Stage Unlock: Final Destination Stage
To unlock the Final Destination stage, you must complete all 51 Event Matches.

Stage Unlock: Flat Zone Stage
To unlock the Flat Zone stage, you must complete 1-P Classic mode at any difficulty/stock with Mr. Game & Watch.

Stage Unlock: Fourside Stage
To unlock the Fourside stage, you must play at least 100 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).

Stage Unlock: Kongo Jungle Stage
To unlock the Kongo Jungle from the N64 version of this game, complete the 15-Minute Melee. I'd recommend using Donkey Kong and constantly use his Down + B move the entire time (thanks to DEngel's Secrets guide, for I used that strategy to unlock this myself)!

Stage Unlock: Mushroom Kingdom II Stage
To unlock the Mushroom Kingdom II stage, which is from Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES, simply collect a Birdo trophy. The trophy is random, but when you find/win it, you get this stage.

Stage Unlock: Poké Floats Stage
To unlock the Poké Floats stage, you must play at least 200 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).

Stage Unlock: Yoshi's Island Past Stage
To unlock the original Yoshi's Island stage from the N64 version of the game, use Yoshi and hit over 1,350 ft. (400m in the JP version) in the Home-Run Contest. To do such, stand next to the Sandbag and TAP the X or Y buttons to jump, then use the Down + A move to hit the bag for around 30% damage each time. Do that about 4 times to get the bag up to around 100-110% damage. Since you won't have much time left, get the bat and use a Smash hit to send the bag flying. If you did it all well enough, you should make it well over the required distance.

Transform with Zelda
before battle In Classic Mode, if you pick Zelda, you can transform into Sheik (or vice versa if you're already playing as Sheik) before the battle starts. On the match-up screen, hold Down (Control Stick) + A until the battle starts. You'll automatically transform before it begins.

Trophy Arangements Hold down the Y-button while entering your Collection to arrange trophies in a triangle.

Hold down the L button to arrange your trophies in rows while entering your Collection.

Hold down the R button to arrange your trophies in a circle while entering the Collection.

Unlock All-Star Mode
To unlock All-Star mode, simply unlock all the hidden characters (including Mr. Game & Watch).

Unlock Event #51
To unlock Event 51, The Showdown, you must complete Events 1-50 first.

Unlock events #40 through #50
To unlock events #40 through #50, you must unlock all of the secret characters.

Unlock Events 30-39
Unlock Luigi, Falco, and Young Link to get Events 30-39 in the Event Mode.

Unlock Sound Test
To unlock the Sound Test, you must open all secret stages. This means you must also beat all 51 Events (since you get Final Destination from the 51st), and unlock all secret characters (since you need them to access the higher number events).